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Fashionable, professional fathers want a great changing bag that combines style and practicality. However, the vast selection of changing bags currently on the market are tailored to women and young mums. Which is why here at Max Ezra LDN we designed and carefully tested our own changing bag for men. This unique, limited edition baby changing bag is perfect for a young dad looking for a stylish backpack with added convenience. Whether you’re at work, keeping fit, socialising with friends, or out and about with your children, this bag won’t disappoint. 

Max Ezra LDN - how it all started 

The Max Ezra LDN backpack was inspired by our founder. A young dad himself, he was amazed that considering there is a wealth of luxury changing bags for women on the market, there is little choice for fashion-conscious fathers. This luxury, stylish backpack is a game-changer, and for the first time young dads can step out with their children, or even head to the gym, feeling prepared and confident. 

The Max Ezra LDN Backpack

Priced at just £99, this fashion staple for the modern man is truly innovative. A great gift to yourself or a wonderful surprise for a father you know. Juggling both children and changing accessories while looking fashionable has never been easier. Order one of our luxury bags today.